Why Now?

Honestly, this all started last week, when Kayla first told me about her how her and her boyfriend were spending their time. Let’s just say, I wasn’t impressed. I knew Kayla wasn’t as into being a good kid as I was, but I never imagined that things could turn out this bad.

Kayla was doing drugs. Now, maybe you don’t see this as that bad, but you have to keep in mind, we’re 15.

The worst part of this was, she didn’t regret what she did one bit, and that wouldn’t bother me so much if she hadn’t completely disrespected me. I believe the conversation when she told me went something like this:

Kayla, why now?
Becauseeeee Beeks. I want to live. I’m sick of being just like everyone else.
So, you think because I choose not to go get high, that I’m just like everyone else? Well, I hope you realize, that I’m not the one like everyone else, you are.
Shut up Beeks. You’re jealous of Luke. Everyone knows it. So stop acting like suck a loser and suck it up.

That. was the last straw.

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