vasectomy august 14 16:30 - 16:40

Fri 14 Aug cont: doc asks “did you shave?”
“as best as I could”
“looks good” he says after taking a quick look
Mo comes over and says “I’m going to swab you with some antiseptic, I’ve warmed it up otherwise it’s just too nasty” and proceeds to wipe some brown stuff all over my groin.
“It’s quite pleasant” I remark
Kirsty adjusts the lights. I see a tattoo on her wrist.
“and that tattoo, what does it mean? I enquire.
“Eternity” almost shocked that I noticed.
Mo sticks on the earth patch for the cauterizer and then arranges some blue cloth over me.
“please put your hands where you can keep them still for the whole operation”
I put them on my chest linking my fingers.
doc comes over.
“Here we go” he says and injects the local anaesthetic.
“You lied” I say to Mo “it doesn’t burn like hell!” actually it feels like someone pulled a hair.
“better pleasantly surprised” she smiles.
doc busies himself. I can see smoke rising, the occasional tug, a bit of pressure in the groin. he sows the right side up.
nothing to it

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