vasectomy august 14 16:40 - 17:00

Fri 14 Aug cont: “one down, one to go” says the doc and injects the left side
Kirsty’s sitting on a stool to the side looking bored.
“So, Kirsty, why eternity?”
“Excuse me?”
“your tattoo, why eternity?”
“it’s a long story”
“I seem have some time on my hands right now, please tell me, if you don’t mind”
“oh my ex-boyfriend and I had it done. I liked the way it looked. He has one on his right wrist.” she seems sad “lasted two years, longer than any other”
“see that wasn’t such a long story, thank you for telling me”
I smell the smoke. “mm, burning me” I say.
suddenly a dull pain “OW” I shout.
“sorry, just hit a sensitive spot. I’ll add more local” says Mo.
after that just one more dull pain in the groin, no more pain after that.
doc sows up and reminds me that they are dissolving stitches.
They finish, remove all sheets and tell me to get onto the bed again.
Kirsty and Mo wheel me out of the theatre and park me in the post-op area.

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