Knight Moves

He saw her die and Nathan moved.

The clash of steel on steel was almost deafening as the two met. Tor’Kal laughing as he easily parried Nathan’s blows. The knight hacked and slashed but he was no match for the vast ogre king.

A swing went awry and the inexperienced knight could not recover. Tor’Kal’s blade pierced his side and the giant let out an exultant yell. Nathan slumped, but gripped the giant’s blade and held it fast. He didn’t die, couldn’t die, wouldn’t die.

His hand groped behind him and found Nissa’s dagger, still in her belt. Tor’Kal laughed at the knight’s feeble scrabbling, but Nathan was pulling himself up. He took the king’s arm, sliding himself along the giant’s blade, dragging himself closer. Tor’Kal still laughed, this one had spirit, but he was still just a moment’s entertainment.

The blade came up and Tor’Kal saw his death, he and the knight were locked together and he could not escape. Nathan plunged the dagger into Tor’Kal’s eye. The giant stopped laughing, it was Nathan’s turn.

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