Being Seen

I looked up into a face I faintly recgonized.

I traced my eyes over her face. She had flawless, perfect skin. Her eyes I noticed next. They shown a clear, crystal blue. It was hard to pull my eyes away from them, but I did. I let my gaze drift down her perfect, little nose and rest on her lips. They were a bright pink, natural and inviting. I noticed her cheeks then. Tinged pink with a light blush from the simle resting on her lips. Her wavy, brown hair feel exactly where it should. Not a hair was out of place and it looked cute, unforced.

The angry, red bumps I knew covered her skin, couldn’t be seen. Her eyes weren’t dim or dull. I could tell the shape of her lip and their color; they didn’t blend in with her skin.

I stared at her a long time, taking slow deep breaths in and out. This girl couldn’t possibly be me, for she was much to pretty. Nothing had changed to make me look this way.

But I knew this wasn’t true… because someone had seen her even when she was unable to see herself.

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