The Fall

He looked ridiculous, dressed in a black cape and mask, boots, and a padded vest. His hair was wild, blown around by the wind; it matched the unhinged gleam in his eyes. He looked like he was just rejected from a masquerade ball for being too mysterious.

“Halloween was last night,” I breathed at him, looking out at the lights of the city skyline. It was cold and I folded my hands within my sweatshirt pockets.

“You have to understand,” he said. He had been saying things like that all night. He stepped closer to me and I backed away a step. We were way too close to the edge of the roof.

“You’ll fly,” he said.

I watched him from the corners of my eyes. He was insane and I wanted to go back down. He stepped to me again. My whole body jerked, my hands out and clenched. He didn’t stop, grabbing my forearms and tripping me, his cape floating around us.

“Psycho-” was all I managed. I lost my balance. I fell.

We were thirty stories up. I should have flattened against the pavement below.

Instead, I flew.

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