Ultima Project: The Tale Begins

Damien slept in a shelter. He neither knew where he was born, nor where he lived. He knew only that he slept in New York that night, and knew, also, that the city that never sleeps was not his final destination.
His dreams were fitful; marred in blood-stained clothing, cold dark alleys and spent with a girl with freckles. He did not know this girl. But in his dreams, their fates were inexorably intertwined. The common thread between he and this tom-boyish young woman was nothing but a dark blur in his memory; an olive branch placed too far away from his grip.
Damien knew, only, that the answers to the questions about his path, lay with the girl.
Faith Kurtz
Kurtz. The name felt familiar upon his tongue.
You, now, know the players in the game.
But you do not, yet, know how great the stakes are for Damien, Kendra and Faith.
What does the Project do?
What do they want?
How far will they go to preserve the secret of The Conclave?
This is their story as they live it in their words.
It’s time to wake up, Damien

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