A Writer's Ritual

Sip jasmine tea slowly
Light a blue candle, blue as night
Soft music on the radio
Miles Davis rippling smooth on the eardrums
With your mother’s mortar and pestle, grind down an amethyst into fine violet powder
Mix it with wine, swallow it, wash it down, let it swallow you
Feel it shining inside you
Feel it shining out from your heart
Love the world you create
Hold it in your hand-
Careful not to squeeze too tight!
It is as delicate as a robin’s egg
And a blue so fine. . .
Hold it in your hands. It is yours to command.
Look down on it with fond and godly eyes, seeing all
Open yourself up.
Unmask! Unmask!
Feel the ecstasy of creating this world anew each time you set pen to page.
Feel the joy
Light a thousand blue candles and watch over them.
Sing your mother’s name into the west wind.
Let the flame grow like a vine, flowering orange and scarlet blazes of light.
Let the words flower, blossom, and bloom.

-by Molly Childers
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