The Curse of the Ear

“Henry! Stop!” came a voice from behind Henry.
Henry turned around to find his friend Ray standing behind him.
“Roy! Howd’ you get here?”
“Don’t put the ear on, Henry. It is cursed! It takes away your hearing!”
“Drat!” came a voice from the ear.
The ear suddenly floated into the air!
“You have ruined my plan! I was going to take over your body and the world! Ah, well. I can still make my evil empire.”
The ear suddenly disappeared!
“Let’s head back to Namoc.” Ray said. “We can track him using our darkness tracking machine.”
“Good idea!” Henry said!
Ray and Henry went up the trapdoor, through the hallway, back through the jungle, and over the mountains that were never mentioned in the prequel but were still there, and drove back to Namoc in their jeep.
Henry said, " I thought we had 4 pencils. Where did they go?"
" No clue." Ray said.

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