Induced sin

FUCK fuck fuck why the FUCK did she do that God fucking dammit she should have known

He jerks his head left, then right, feeling warm drops fly off of his face with each frantic motion.

it’s everywhere Jesus Christ FUCK she should’ve KNOWN I would

He feels the panic run through his veins like antifreeze in an Alaskan December.

uh the dumpster YEAH dumpster put them in bags leave them in the dumpster

He dashes to the cupboard, slipping on the tile; his elbow crashes to the floor and sings with pain.

fucking idiot slow down don’t have time for this shit grab the fucking bags

He starts stuffing the first bag, trying to ignore the feeling of the still-warm flesh in his hands.

The door opens. FUCK SHIT FUCK

The silence seems to last forever, until… “Sweetie… what happened to the ribs?”

“I got hungry, Ma.”

“But why is there sauce all over you? And the kitchen?”

Really hungry, Ma.”

She sighs deeply, pinching the bridge of her nose. “This is why they call you Glutton Gus, sweetie…”

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