Zombie Secret Agents, Explosions and Sexy Vampires.

Haru test subject 31B awoke in his zombification chamber. The healing factor test’s were successful, now to make him a zombie so he could feel no pain. Then. He would be the ultimate soldier. Haru flexed; his arms somewhat strained in the chamber.

“Doctor is this going to hurt?” he asked

“Oh not at all Mr. Shatner.” he said reassuredly then whispered “Not me anyway.”

The chamber started to charge up. Murky water began to fill the chamber. It stopped at Haru’s chest and started tp bubble. Then suddenly streaks of red and purple struck through the water and Haru screamed until He started choking because of the lack of saliva in his mouth. He soon blacked out.

Haru sat up frigidly on the examination table.

“Oh God, what happened?” He said with a hint of a slur

“History happened.” The doctor said grinning

The sexy female nurse vampire winked at him.

“Best looking zombie I have ever seen.” she said flirtaciously

Haru smiled at the vampire. Then suddenly with a heavy boom the zombificaton chamber exploded.

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