Zombies sooooo own foxmen.

Haru turned to look donw the corridor. Several Foxmen with mystic rifles were coming towards them. The luscious vampire turned into a bat and flew up toHaru.

“How can I help?” She said

“Just follow me.” He said gritting his teeth. “Time to see if I really am the ultimate soldier.”

They both ran/flew down the hall, very soon the foxes were upon them.

“Getshwartz utensclag!” A foxman yelled

They were obviously aliens because seriously, who ever heard of real live foxmen? Haru and the nurse plunged right into them. More foriegn battle cries ensued.

“Hey vamp, I think this one is saying: I was just following orders! Not the face! Not the face!” said Haru as he threw a foxman into a wall, bloodcurdling gibberish came out of his mouth shortly after.

The Vamp smiled. She was fighting the old fashioned way. Using her deadly fighting style of the 52 blocks, she was making the foxmen attack each other and punch walls. Very Impressive. Haru got it by some mystic fire and his legs flew off.

“Looks like trouble.”

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