Side Effects...

Haru and the sexy nurse both walked back to the examination room together.

“That was quite a show you guys put on out there.” The doctor said

Haru punched the doctor. The doctor fell back staggering.

“What was that for?” he cried

The Zombie walked up to the doctor and lifted him up. A glint of murder in his eyes.

“Oh no please! No!” the doctor yelled squirming

The vamp sexily kissed him in the neck and he fell over. There were two punture wounds where the kiss was.

“Doctor, there appears to be side effects.” she said seriously

The Doctor just nodded dazed.

“Put him in a containment cell until we can decipher what all of the side effects are.” the Doctor said quickly, regaining composure.

“Right away Doctor.”

The Vamp hauled the Zombie out of the room. As she exited the room another nurse came to help.

“Poor Haru.” thought the vamp as she stared into his handsome face. “I hope he doesn’t die, I like the idea of a sexy zombie kick-butt boyfriend.”

The vamp smiled.

“My name is Marina by the way.”

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