A Week in 2034

May 13, 2034
- Composer of the soundtrack of the summer of 2014 dies.

May 14, 2034
- The singer who sung the song I danced with you at the prom dies.
- A tabloid star dies. I always kind of liked her, even though she was on that stupid show.
- Some racecar driver died today. He left a rather sexy copse.
- Actor who played the psychologist in that movie about the Iraq War dies.

May 15, 2034
- Inventor of HTML dies.
- Former head of the company that made the videogame I was addicted to when I met you dies.

May 16, 2034
- No one vastly influential to my life died today.

May 17, 2034
- Comic artist who’s work we first bonded over dies.
- Girl with the funny twitters that I followed throughout college dies.

May 18, 2034
- Personal favorite movie director died. Remember when we went to see his movie about the moon? I think I enjoyed that a lot more than you.
- I get tired of feeling like a little bit of me dies everyday.

May 19, 2034
- But I guess its a big deal that a dude who used to be the mayor died.

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