The Best Kind Of Bug

I’ve been listening to a really sad album a lot recently, but I’ve noticed that for some reason the little application I use to listen to mp3s stops the playlist before the last song. It plays track 9, a happy respite after the emotionally draining rest of the album, and just acts like track 10 doesn’t exist. It’s no big deal, I just bring up the window and click on track 10 and it finishes out fine.

Anyway, I don’t blame the app for stopping too soon anyway. That last track is kind of there to creep you out after thinking that everything is fine, so I can see how it would have wanted to act like the album has a happy ending.

This is the kind of bug that happens randomly, like how G-Mail never remembers that I want to see images in messages from eBay and iChat doesn’t let me change the alias of my old roommate’s screenname (he is now and forever “Brian!!”). It just usually isn’t this adorable.

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