Aria stared at the azure sky, slowly turning a quiet midnight. Sunset didn’t seem to happen here; it was just day, and then it was night. A gentle transition from a sea of darkened cornflower to borderlining navy… beautiful, albeit strange.

She picked up an indigo hairband and tied her midback length ultramarine hair into a tight ponytail. She didn’t figure anyone would care that her hair was down under the dim streetlights that dotted the street and were slowly turning on, but she couldn’t stand how it covered her arms when she walked.

She picked up her denim purse, amazed at the weight of the thing, and walked outside. She made her way to a bus stop and noticed him sitting there. She moved over to him and whispered in his ear. He smiled as she handed him her purse.

He pulled out a bloody knife and several thousand dollars worth of sapphires.

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