Vampire Women

They say that if a vampire bites you, you become one. My story is sort of like that.

It began with a walk by the lake, with calm water lit by the setting sun. She lay on the grassy bank, and as I approached she smiled and invited me to lie beside her for a while. One rarely meets a woman so incautious of a strange man’s company, and I liked the boldness in her character as much as the beauty of her form.

I’ve always enjoyed that sensation of being absorbed, of surrendering control, and without ever deciding to I lost myself in her body. All reality vanished from my mind, except for how perfectly she was shaped and how much pleasure she could give me. I don’t remember when we removed our clothes, but I remember how passionate we were, and how afterwards she whispered, in the sweetest possible tones, “You know, you don’t actually have a penis anymore. You’re like me now – beautiful, female, and not really human.”

I stroked my new breasts as the sun rose, wondering if I’d ever get used to being a woman.

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