Two super soldiers???

The foxmen were hardly finished. True zombies cannot suffer physical harm, but they can have mental damage done to them. The foxmen brushed themselves off picked up their rifles and made a break for the exit.

*Translated from Foxian

“The mission was a success sir.” the head fox said "We managed to put an end to this “zombie” project before it even started."

A crackly voice came from the communicator.

“Very good Smythe. Now get me the blue prints for that zombifyier.”

“Can’t we just test out our zombie?”

The voice from the communicator grumbled then let out a disgruntled yes.

“Very well Master.”

A sexy zombie swiftly entered through the hole in the wall from the explosion. Who would have thought of it? Sexy zombies.

“Darlene go in there and test your skills, just try not to hurt anyone too bad.” the head fox said

Darlene nodded and stealthily entered the compound. Several screams occurred shortly after words. The foxian’s followed in after her and found bodies all over the place.

“She did well.”

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