2 Girls, one fight

Thoom Thoom Thoom The sounds of guards hitting the walls was coming closer and closer.

“What now!?!” Marina muttered very upset and worried

Haru began to squirm violently.

“Don’t worry Haru.” she said.

Marina kissed him and the squirming ceased.

“I’ll take care of them.” she thought determined.

Marina turned around to meet another zombie.

“Who are you?”

“An old friend of Haru’s.”

“Oh that’s good! Maybe you can to help him.”

The zombie swung at Marina. Marina of course, being a master of the 52 blocks blocked it appropriately.

“What’s your problem?”

The zombie swung again and Marina redirected her fist into a wall. The Zombie feeling no pain was not slowed. Marina began to worry.

“The art of the 52 Blocks is based on making your opponent hurt themselves. Its a pacifist way of fighting.” she thought

A swift back kick came while she was in thought and connected with her stomach. She cried out in pain and hit the all.

“Screw being a pacifist I’m going to pulverize her!”

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