Some names are more difficult to bring to mind than others. Tiny reminders sent to my train of thought to help me know what’s happening.

A person is standing outside, a girl, with light hair and a bright smile. I go straight toward her. She’s facing me, but can’t see me. No one can see me. Not even myself.

At least, I don’t think I can see myself. I can’t remember ever trying.

But it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters, nothing ever has. Not since I can remember. Just follow the wind to where it takes me, that’s what’s always happened, I think.

I flow right through the girl, and a shudder rolls through her body, like a ripple in a pond after a leaf lands on its surface. Or maybe I just imagined it. But I look back, and her smile isn’t so bright.

But maybe it was never bright to begin with.

I flow on.

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