Catfights and a Zombie regaining consciousness

Haru leaned up on the examination table to find. The vamp fighting a very sexy looking zombie.

“What’s going on here?” he slurred

He quickly ducked as a luscious zombie flew over his head.

“Oh nothing much Haru, just a rotting freak trying to kill me!” the vamp cried

“Hey, I happen to be a SEXY rotting creep.”

“In your dreams.” said the vamp as she blocked another attack

“Oh Haru I’m sure you remember me?” the zombie said sweetly

“Darlene?” he cried “I thought you were dead!”

“Don’t feed me that bull, you left me to die. You thought you knew i was dead!” Darlene screeched

The vampire tackled Darlene and they both fell to the floor. The vamp quickly went flying into the wall. She was a Master of Defensive combat not Offensive.

“Darlene why are you here?” he asked

“Oh just to keep you two busy while my associates get the zombiefyer blue prints.” she said happily

Haru jumped off the table and made a break for the door. Darlene didn’t even make a move for him.

“Very Suspicious.” he thought

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