Natural Rights part one

He looked back to the computer screen before him. The title “The Right To Death” in red letters sat there, like a challenge. Did he believe it? Was it fundamentally true? He pulled the keyboard closer and began to type.

Is there a natural right to death. That could depend on what you define as both a natural right and death.

Natural rights are granted to us all, simply by reason of being human. These rights are ours to do with as we will.

We may surrender some of our rights to gain other things. We have the right to live free of the domination of others, but surrender at least a portion of that right to our families. We surrender our ability to be concerned only with ourselves, in order to gain the advantages that constraint provides. I take care of my family, in part because, my family will take care of me. When I was weak, as an infant, they provide for my needs. If injured they will sustain me until I am well. When I am old and no longer able to care for myself, they will care for me.

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