The War rages on

Bran, B-rum, Blue berry and OC-berry all marched into the bakery. The goal: liberation of their fellow brethren: Cinnamon Chip, Chocolate Chip, Pistachio and Double Chocolate. The cup cakes empire was expanding.

Cakes were ruining their empires. Hiring mercenaries such as: donuts, danish’s and cookies after them. Their goal: To destroy breakfast time. But we had allies too: the mcmuffins, the croissants and the churros.

The war has been raging on for centuries. But now it is time to make a stand. The last stand. I only can hope that our forces will be sufficient enough. The croissants get a little flaky under pressure. And who can understand those foreign churros anyway? I only can hope that we may win the war. Thousands of people are choosing donuts over muffins just because of price. When really we are only about fifty cents more. I can only pray that people will start buying us lesser muffins to free us from this oppression. Such as corn muffins for example. Whoever buys them? Please buy me.

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