We All Fall Down

Most of the staff, content with the Godly coffee available in the kitchen, had long since abandoned Starbucks and had forgotten what their coffee tasted like (for the record, it tastes like the charred remains of the concept of what coffee might have been like fifty years ago). To keep things simple, I just ordered a bunch of Lattes, distributed them in a friendly manner, and then sat down to work.

That was when things started to go wrong.

An hour later, I noticed LCARS was acting a little strangely. It started off simply enough – it started taking a little longer than usual to process my requests. Then, after spending half an hour cataloging an internal processes review, I clicked the “Save” button and was instead ejected into the system’s main menu. My work was gone. Vanished. Poof! That’s not supposed to happen here.

I was about to call IT when I heard frustrated mumbling coming from the Copy Room. I sauntered in to discover an intern trying to… to…

…Oh no.

He was trying to fix a paper jam.

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