Pixel Potential

No, not that nose. The other one. Yeah. That looks a little more like me. A little. Less zits and rosacea, and I wouldn’t be caught dead with my real nose, but the face I’ve managed on the screen is a nice similarity. Maybe I could look like that after a few mortgages’ worth of cosmetic upgrades. The hair’s nearly spot on – the box color I use is a few shades more purple, but I’ll take what I can get.

The body is all fantasy. Just like my writing. So that fits just fine with me.

I click through the different background options – do I want the shimmery bubbles or the pretty castle or the— oooh, a full moon. Very nice. I’ll add that.

I go back and tweak the eyebrow choices – mine arch, but they’re thick – I need to find a pair similar to that… Those, yes. Oh, right, foreground – let’s throw in some flowers. I’m a girl after all, and have to like such things.

Accessories next. A few clicks later, and I sit back with a grin. Cat ears! I always wore those in high school, too. Now to save. Perfect!

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