Trouble at the Office

“Hi, my name is Eric, what seems to be the problem?”
“I am trying to fix a paper jam, but am not having much success,” the intern replied, stepping aside. “My name is Jewels.”
“Nice to meet you, let me see what I can do. So are you on a summer internship, long-term, what?” Eric asked as he slid the lid off, ravenously crinkling paper and snapping parts together.
“Oh, I am a temp,” Jewels replied hesitantly.
“Is that so? Well welcome aboard young lady!” Eric yelled, slapping the copier triumphantly. “Don’t have too much fun in here.”
Jewels watched him saunter out, grabbing a small stack of cookies wrapped in purple cellophane, complete with a ribbon at the top with the name of her temp firm, Streetwise, scribbled elegantly into it. They might as well post a sign that reads, ‘Thanks for shopping at our slave market,’ Jewels thought. That’s when she heard ripping noises in the cube closest to the mail room.

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