Kathy Makes a Pronouncement

Dusting the black toner from my fingers onto the back of the intern’s shirt, I emerged to the main work area, the happy maze of cubicles. Kathy was beside herself, a frazzled visage of professional womanhood atop a desk. The desk’s owner cowered, cheerful kitty mug held protectively in hand.

When the din subsided enough for her to be heard, she proclaimed, “Someone has to go.” Gasps rippled through the assembled mass of corporate drones. As much as I’d started to feel a part of this place, I now felt decidedly out of the loop.

Still in a helpful mode, I raised a now toner-free hand to ask, “Go where?” All eyes turned to me, most of which were already red with tears, frustration, or both. The gaze of each employee slowly drifted expectantly back to Kathy. Apparently, if the thing was going to be said, she was the one to say it.

Kathy swallowed hard and smoothed an errant strand of hair from her face, “Someone has to go…” She paused. A collective breath was held. “To the Controller’s Office.”

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