Out On The Wire

Jason spun on a heel, “Elsha,”
“Arm the Wire. I hope your fingers are ready to hop,”
“Cap’n, they were born ready. Speak the words, and I put ’em out on the wire, ricky-tick!”
“Outstanding; HELM!”
ALRO winked, “I’m all ears,”
“Turn the Ficly around,”
“180 it is, sir, Aye,” ALRO spun the wheel and the ship lurched starboard.
Elsha’s finger rested, poised over an ancient keyboard. “Ready when you are, Captain,”
Jason nodded, “THX .. what say you? Liable? slander? or the Truth,”
“In my opinion, sir, The Ficly stands for all that is true. We have that on our side, Captain,”
“I couldn’t agree more. G2: Suggestions?”
G2 shrugged, “Start with how they hung us out to dry, after we bled to make them whole! They jettisoned us, Cap’n without so much as a ‘by your leave’.”
‘Make it happen Elsha’.
“It’s already on the wire sir. Anyone with eyes throughout the InterWeebs will see it! But there’s one thing,”
“Tell me,”
“They have The Archive locked away on that ship, if we don’t rescue her…”
“Full ahead, helm!”

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