Bizarre Side Effects, pt 2

“Well -” Just then, there was a loud crash from within the lab itself. As Emon knew that its only human occupant was here wasting his time, he raised an eyebrow.

“Squeaky, did you lock up the animals?”

“Yes sir,” Les started. “But I don’t think it matters -”

“It’s not like that time you left the monkey’s cage a trifle open and he went around unlocking the other cages?”

“No sir,” Les said, “for one thing, there are no monkeys in there and the rats wouldn’t be capable of unlocking cages, even in their condition. Although, I don’t think that they need worry about the locks anyway.”

“What condition?”

“It’s their eyes, sir.”

“What about them?”

“The rats are shooting laser beams out of their eyes.”

Emon rushed to the observatory window, where he saw the 200 rats scurrying. They were randomly shooting things. “Do you know what caused this?”

“Yes, sir, it was the -”

“Good,” Emon said. Les realized he’d never seen the other man smiled. He also realized that he’d never felt more scared. “We can market this.”

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