vasectomy august 14 17:00 - 17:30

Fri 14 Aug cont: only a dull pressure in my groin , no pain otherwise.
Beverly greets me in the post-op area. I’m certain she is unsure what do do with such a chirpy post-op patient. Mo calls the ward and asks them to collect me. Kirsty pops her head around the corner.
“Speedy recovery and have a good weekend. good bye” she waves.
“Good bye, Kirsty, enjoy your weekend too.”
Mo also says goodbye and then leaves.
Make some small talk with Beverly until Lehlolonolo comes to collect me.
Shortly thereafter Antoinette arrives as well and they wheel me to the ward, Lehlolonolo making “brm, brm” noises. makes me smile.
Back in the ward I phone wifey who happens to be just outside the door.
I put on my new underwear and clothes and wait to be checked out.
Wifey gives me a magazine and gets herself one. I’m too wired to read.
enough with the waiting! I press the button to call the nurse, ask her to check me out.
sign out at the nurses station. say goodbye to everyone and we are out of there.

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