A Simple Game (Ch. 2)

Vanessa smiled to herself. You can tell a great deal about a player from basic presumptions. This man thought he simply must be the first to arrive for the game. The fact that Vanessa had been sitting at a small side table waiting had completely escaped his attention.

The host shook his head and looked toward Vanessa. He then returned to his vigil just outside the doorway.

“Good evening,” the new player said as he walked in.

Vanessa observed everything in a blink. He kept his back straight and shoulders in good posture. His clothes might as well have screamed his background and education. His attempt at a disarming smile and eye contact amused her even further.

“Hello,” Vanessa responded.

She did not so much as shift in her seat. This young man might not realize it but the game had begun the moment he entered the room. Everything projected. Everything spoke.

“My name is Reg. Nice to meet’ya,” he said.

Vanessa just nodded slightly and sipped her water. Politeness earned no points in this game.

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