marvaso mayhem (ch. 2)

“Damnit Sammy, where on the purchase order did you see two dozen assorted Spireas?”

“I’m sorry sir, but we’re out of the Tiny Todd’s for 2703, we had to substitute something to fill the gap.”

“There you go again with ‘we’. You better watch what comes out of your mouth or I’m going to have to start putting this into your file,” Jerry said, swinging his fists together casually.

Sammy just stared at him, trying not to squint in the early morning sun.

“When this happens you must either me or a coordinator know,” Jerry added.

Sammy nodded, looking the other way.

“Hey, Mance! Ramps!” Jerry yelled from across the garden.

Later, Sammy was pushing the flower cart up the ramp into the truck. Mance pulled from the top and gave Sammy an empathetic sigh. Unsure of what he meant by the gesture, Sammy blushed.

“Correct the order to read two dozen Spireas shipped in place of the Tiny Todds, and move two dozen more Spireas up front, PRONTO!” Jerry yelled to Beck as he walked jauntily down the aisle.

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