Elvis has left the building, and entered my mind

It was an ordinary day until Elvis robbed me of my internal monologue, replacing it with his own. It confused me a little and left me feeling all shook up inside. Slipping on my shoes (blue, suede trimmed affairs) I left the small hotel in Heartbreak, Missouri, and walked across the road to the diner on the corner. I went inside, ordered a coffee, and sat at the counter. A beautiful girl sat in a booth in the corner. I was feeling lonesome that evening, so decided to join her. Before I had said a word she glanced over at me, scowling slightly and asked me to leave her alone. “Don’t be cruel” I pleaded, but she was having none of my advances. I downed my coffee and mooched back to the hotel. “What suspicious minds these hard headed women have,” I thought as I drifted off to sleep on soft feather-filled pillows.

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