OT 2

I’ve always had this gift. I remember it from when I was younger, not understanding it, but knowing not everyone had it. I would have these dreams when I was a kid, they were so real I wouldn’t know if they were over when I woke up, or just continuing on. Later I found out it was called lucid dreaming, I don’t know how prevalent it is, but I know I had the power to control whatever I dreamt, no matter the subject. Of course, as a young kid my dreams were innocent, I would choose to fly whenever I wanted to, and I would summon allies in any nightmare I might have had. But as I got older, the dreams started becoming less and less common. Instead, I was able to control what was going on outside of my dreams. It started slowly, using my mind to set a series of green lights if I was late for school or picturing where I wanted to hit a baseball during a game. Since then, however, I’ve honed my ability. I’ve gotten stronger. My thoughts and objectives clearer. I can create a new destiny for myself if I see fit.

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