The Silence is Deafening

I starred off into the distance, refusing to meet my mother’s gaze. She had some strange look in her eyes. She wasn’t upset, or mad, she was disappointed. Disappointed in me.
I was very shy, while you could call my own mother a social butterfly. She wanted me to go out into the world and make friends, make my mark wherever I went, and most importantly, make something of myself. But all I was turning out to be was some anti-social teenage freak, who bit her nails in her spare time. I sighed. Hopefully, my mother would somehow find a way to break the silence. Do something. Say something. Cough, at least! But I wasn’t worried, she would probably break out in tears the minute we pulled up in the camp parking lot.
But there was only one bright side of going to camp.
At thriteen years old, I finally had gotten a cell phone. Not a nice one, just a “Pay as You Go” phone, but I had one. Just saying the words was music to my ears.
Yeah, I have a cell phone.
Who doesn’t have a cell phone?
Haha. And you don’t!!!

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