Girl Noses

I like this girl’s nose. It’s kinda-sorta bulbous at the end. Starts poking up at the middle of the bridge, and practically curves upward at the tip. It’s just a little bit too big. But it works, damnit. It seems to point at the places she’s going, and makes an authoritative nod all the more affirming. From the side that little point upward is positively adorable. Correction! I love this girl’s nose. It completes her face, like the cherry on top of the sundae. It’s a great nose, a wonderful nose, but you’d never see it on a magazine cover. I wonder if she would agree with me. Is this the sort of gal who would stare longingly at the noses in Vogue, or Cosmo, or whatever girls read these days, and have sweet dreams of rhinoplasty dance in her head? Having that wonderful, personable honker chopped right off and… Oops… I’m staring and she noticed, and… erm.

“Uh… you’ve got a booger hangin’ out there…”

“Oh,” she replies. “Thanks…” she says, picking it out.

Real smooth, Jay. Real smooth.

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