Irony is ice cream made from lactose intolerant cows.

Irony is a sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust who has a serious case of autophobia.

Irony is a morbidly obese personal trainer.

Irony is a white guy with an afro.

Irony is a company that prints out thousands of fliers to advertise a ‘Save the Trees’ campaign.

Irony is a humanitarian hitman.

Irony is a politician who does not vote.

Irony is a talented singer who happens to be tone deaf.

Irony is an expert marksman with no fingers.

Irony is an open-heart surgeon with hemophobia.

Irony is Casanova with erectile dysfunction.

Irony is Paula Abdul quitting the best job in the world: Awkwardly attempting to console horrible singers for $8 Million a year.

Irony is a colorblind stylist.

Irony is a member of the NRA who opposes the Second Amendment.

Irony is when a TV show’s ‘studio audience’ laughs at something genuinely funny.

Irony is Julian Casablancas dying from a stroke.

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