Push Off

I step up to the platform; a bored man motions me to sit. I look over my shoulder to get once last glance before I plummet down. Their faces are in a smiles, they’re jumpy and overly excited. I am scared out of my mind.

I sit down reluctantly and push off-

My senses numb,
My mind races,
My heart throbs,
I scream.

I rush down, in a straight decline, everything rushing up as I rush down.

Then I loose the light.

It’s dark and cold. Everything echos. I can’t stop, I wish I never did this. Then I see the light, and soon enough I fly through.

Next this monstrosity dumps me into a huge tube where I’m spinning in constant circles, getting closer and closer to the center – for sure my death.

And so it comes, I close my eyes…and fall. I curl my body together and sqeeze my eyes tighter.

When I get my balance I step out and look up, one thing I am sure of.

Waterslides? Not my thing.

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