To My One True Love

I’ll just open the damn thing and find out once and for all, Zach thought, taking a long drag from his cigarette, and then ramming it into the ashtray. If it’s John, he’s got something comin’, lemme tell you…

The letter he found on his table, clearly written in his wife’s hand, had been haunting him for days. It was addressed “To My One True Love”, with the rest of the address mysteriously absent. Zach quickly opened the envelope and ripped out the letter, his eyes shut. They had been married for only 4 months now, and were still getting to know each other, but he truly loved her. She couldn’t do this to him. His heart almost breaking at the thought of another man, he opened his eyes and began to read. He didn’t get far.

To My One True Love, Godzilla…

Zach quickly crumpled the letter up. It all made sense. The movies, the toys, the… roaring she wanted when they were making love, it all made sense.

Even now, after twenty years of happy marriage, he could never look their pet iguana in the eye.

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