Yes, kids do remember what we tell them

Kurt and his little sister Marissa were bickering at the kitchen table. It was the latest in a long string of foolish arguments that summer. Their aunt had had enough.

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” she said, “This is such an inane conversation.” “What’s inane mean?” Marissa asked. “It means a conversation that is ridiculous or silly or about something that doesn’t matter in the least” Auntie told her. Two months later, Kurt and Rissie were again arguing while Auntie was working in the adjoining room at her desk. Suddenly the argument stopped. “This is an inane conversation,” said Kurt. This is probably the most inane argument we’ve ever had." “Oh no,” said Marissa, “The argument about the pencil was the most inane one we’ve ever had.” At that they went back to peacefully coloring together while Auntie stepped out onto the porch so they couldn’t hear her laughing.
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