The Bus Ride

Brian sat in his usual spot on the bus; not all the way at the back with the rebellious kind, and certainly not near the bus-driver.
He sat close to wherever Anika sat. Anika was an enigma to Brian. Let’s face it, the entire female gender was an enigma to Brian, but Anika more so due to the fact that she was 100%, positively, irrevocably, unattainable.
She was the Captain of the cheer-leading squad, and fell into every one of the cheerleader stereo-types that a young man could wish for (and yes, she kissed a girl once).
He, on the other hand, was the captain of the chess club, enjoyed the weekend games of Dungeons and Dragon, and fantasizing about cheerleaders who kissed each other.
As Anika boarded the bus and took her seat, she smiled a hello, and he wiped the usual sweat from his brow. He went to say hello, but it came out all wrong.
As she stood over his seat, placing her bag into the overhead, Brian got courage,
“Hey, uhm, I can see right up your nostrils,”
Anika nodded.
Brian would never live it down.

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