A Storm is Coming

“Zarek, why don’t you talk??? Stop being so quiet!”

Fritz and Zarek were walking through the grassy hills which lay on the outskirts of Gammot. The two had been companions since infancy, and spent their summer days doing anything and everything together. Since his father had scolded him for thinking about the enchanted forest, Zarek chose not to speak. His mind was still deeply absorbed in the midst of the soldier’s words.

“Well, whatever it is, I hope you get over it soon.”

After walking for several hours through the rolling grassy hills, the sky began to darken. The threat of rain loomed over the two boys.
“Hey, Zar, we better get back home before we get rained on. Our mothers would be furious!”
But Zarek didn’t pay attention to him. Instead, he gazed at the oncoming rain clouds as if they were firends of his. He sat down in the grass and continued to stare at them.
“Alright, you can sit and get soaked while I run for it. See ya!”
Thunder sounded as Fritz left Zarek in his trance.

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