different=death part 3

Seconds later while inside the abandoned house she heard snickering outside the window. “Here doggy, come out come out where ever you are.” The two vampires teased. “Did you seriously think you out smarted us? Did you think you could escape?” Roland asked. “You FOOL!” He shouted. THUD ! They were on the roof. She waited silently waiting for their next move.

“Come on out little doggy, we aren’t going to hurt you…yet.” Charles chuckled. Annalises eyes scanned the room searching for anything that could help her.and then she saw it. It wasn’t very big but it was powerful against them…

Charles and Roland pounded on the roof of the empty little house waiting, just waiting for their prey to emerge and demolish her. Roland grabbed the ledge of the roof and flung through the window shattering the glass, shards flying everywhere. He grinned as he saw her cowering in the corner, horror clearly written on her face. He lurched towards her listening to heart already quickened heartbeat beat faster with each step.

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