“And this benefits my constituency how?” the senator roared. TV cameras were rolling; he knew it better than anyone. “So what if it helps the rich stay young longer? I’m here for the working man that elected me to this office!”

Dr. Wiezent, too, was aware of the cameras. Conspicuously so. “Senator, this research will benefit everyone in ten years’ time.” His voice was small after the murderer’s row crucifying him for the past hour. “You cannot possibly expect new methods to be affordable to all in infancy… very few researchers are capab-”

Enough!” another senator pounced, smelling blood in the water. “You will not spend taxpayer money on your… science… to funnel our country’s funding into a few rich pockets!” Removing his glasses for effect, face granite for the national audience: “This hearing is over!”

Wiezent stumbled from the room as if drunk, disbelieving. How anyone could so badly misconstrue something so universally beneficial… It must be willful… such idiocy…

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