“DTAH! DTAH! DTAH!” The crowd roared. Everything was going splendidly. Damon could hardly believe his ears.

“DTAH! DTAH! DTAH!” The foundations of the building shook. The ground rumbled with stamping feet. In less than five minutes, it would finally be over.

Damon took the podium.

“My people!” The crowd roared, drowning him out. It was difficult to get these people motivated, Damon thought to himself. All it took was the proper angle.

“We are here for the same cause!” The crowd exploded. The free booze helped, of course. It always does for the proles. He chuckled inwardly at his clever reference.

“And now, we will finally realise it! All of our plans come to fruition, TODAY!” They were in a near frenzy now, the crowd outside pushing and shoving to get in.

Hard to believe all of these people here are here…

“Let me hear you say it!” Damon cried.



Damon pushed The Button and dashed to the safe area. And then, the crowd really did explode.

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