Beyond the Scaffolding

Julie and Geoff rang up customers together. Julie got along with everyone, even Geoff. Her last name was Hess, like the gas station.

Geoff pressed the button for receipt tape and drew a picture of a woman smiling, naming her Julie Sunoco. Under the drawing, he wrote facetiously: ‘Julie doesn’t work well with others, however, she is a walking encyclopedia regarding product knowledge.’

A chinese customer with a heavy accent interrupted Geoff before he could finish, so he self-consciously folded the paper and discussed shelving with her.

“Did you see the new customer engagement employee?” Geoff asked Julie later after she gave a customer their receipt and said ‘thank you.’ He gestured coyly toward his drawing and Julie giggled.

“Sunoco? I’m keeping this,” Julie said, popping a Pringle into her mouth and using a sharpy to idly mark off the employees whose shifts have already ended.

Geoff ripped off more receipts, said more ‘have a good day’s, and returned the hot dog vendor’s tired smile, meditating…

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