George looked down at the picture of his wife he’d brought on the discovery. He sighed; it would be three weeks before he got back from the International Space Station.
Mike nervously checked the ships structural integrity. All the astronauts lives depended on him and he wasn’t going to let them down. They were his only family since Wendy had died.
Aidan looked down at his watch to check that it was really time to go off and explore the universe. He had wanted to be in space all his life. Finally his dream would be a reality.
Caren looked over at Aidan and smiled. Maybe, just maybe, she would ask him on a date when they got back. She was tired of being lonely.
Adam walked down through the cargo of area, searching for the source of that ticking. He tracked it to the food bay and opened up the crate bearing air-dried apples. He searched through and gasped when he saw the bomb.
George was still longing for his wife when the ship was rocked by an explosion and engulfed in flame.

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