'Personal Hell' are such strong words

Foggy town. Monsters that reflect the dark side of my personal psyche. And, oh great, it’s turning into that weird, bizarro world that looks like a Nine Inch Nails video.

I get it, town: You’re fucking with me. You want me to flip my lid and contribute to whatever fucked up dark power is feeding this shit hole. Not going to happen-

Shit. It looks like the lock is broken. I can’t open it. Fantastic.

You think I don’t have problems? You think I’m different because there’s dark spots in my past to exploit? I’m not one of the freak monsters quivering in the town, I’m a human fucking being, and…

What the fuck? Who the fuck puts a third grade puzzle on a door of an insane asylum from Hell?

Maybe you do know I’m like everyone else; you think I’m just a cog in a rusted clock that barely keeps ticking. I’m just one of the masses who drags through life with secrets, guilt, regret… Heh, I’m not special, even at my worst. You knows this, town… you know and you don’t care.

Right, Mr. Pyramid guy?

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