Snacktime Onboard the USS Ficly

“Captain!” Lone Writer bellowed from the starboard railing. “The Code Sharks are nearly upon us!”

“No!” Kevin cried in horror, “If they reach the hull they’ll scramble our Code and the Ficly beta site will crash!

“Not to worry, Kevin m’boy!” The Captain declared reassuringly, though his face did not look very reassured. “Bring out the Cookies!”

“This is no time for confections!” ALRO yelled from the wheel.

“Not those types of cookies,” Captain Jason clarified. “The digital kind!”

“Clever idea Captain.” Said Ana hurrying below.

“ALRO full speed ahead!” The Captain commanded. “Ficlyteers prepare for boarding!”

“Aye, Aye Captain!” Came the response.

Robotech_Master, rain, The_Note_Writer, Tom, Stovohobo, Melia and Owen all began flinging hard drives overboard.

G2 eyed them. “I thought he said cookies.”

“We had to save them to hard drives.” THX explained.

“G2! To the piano! We need some epic battle music!” Captain Jason called.

“Aye, Aye Captain!” she responded.

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