Scrawled on the Wall

Scrawled on the wall of a limestone cave
Where water drips and sound is distant
A message hisses its warning
From the worn rocky surface

“Within the depths, dark and mysterious
Caper the folk of legend and myth
Mischief and merriment their ancient work
Call them the imps, djiin, or faerie

Herein they lie singing their songs
With music so sweet to lull heart and mind
To your company do they aspire
With forces malevolent do they conspire

To hear their song is to be sorely tempted
To venture below is to never return
Telling no lie a rich banquet is laid
Make no mistake, the meal is your soul"

Young folk gather round and take heed
I read that dread warning and heard sweet their song
Then fled for my life, ne’er to go back
See you do the same and live long as I

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